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The mission of the Center for Respite Care is to provide quality, holistic medical care to homeless people who need a safe place to heal, while assisting them in breaking the cycle of homelessness.


Currently, the Center for Respite Care is not taking on-site volunteers. However, we hope to return to that as soon as the community opens up. For the time being we have maintained our meal program with volunteer teams preparing a meal and dropping it off to the center. We also have groups that assist us in stocking the pantry and freezer. The Center's website carries our wish-list for groups who want to do drives for these items that are always needed!


How Many People?​​

  • Whatever amount of people needed to prepare the meal (people can make different parts of the meal i.e. salad, side dish, main course, beverages, etc.) . When on-site volunteering is available, the group size will be up to 10 people

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

  • All ages are welcome to help prepare the meal. (When on-site volunteering is available, the minimum age requirement will be 15 and over)

How Many Days a Week can You Serve?

  • 7 days a week!

What are the Times to Serve?

  • Lunch drop off happens at 11:30a and Dinner drop off is at 4:30p. If serving as a group, pick a location to gather all the courses of the meal and 1-2 people should drop off the meal at The Center for Respite Care.

What Should You Bring?

  • All you need is serving containers! We have a fully stocked kitchenette. If an item needs returned we can make provision for picking it up later.

How do You Sign Up to Serve?

  • Contact Edward Slater (information below)

Please email to sign up!


Visit website:


Edward Slater


Phone: (513) 621-1868

1615 Republic Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 (Over-the-Rhine)

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