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We Need YOU!

As our world continues to navigate through uncharted waters, local organizations are hard at work to ensure all people are cared for, and we need YOU! Serve in Place was created to bridge individuals, families, groups, and churches with community organizations to serve locally as a way to love our neighbors and seek God through this time. As we serve the people of Cincinnati we will still stay in guidelines of safety for our volunteers and those we are serving. 

Serve in Place Cincinnati will introduce you to various local organizations, Cincinnati neighborhoods, and ways to serve. Our hope is that you will develop an ongoing connection and continue serving with the local organization that intersects with your interests, skills, and passions. Taking time to process your experience, self-evaluate, and imagine the future will help you discover where God is leading you to serve and use your gifts. Below you will find tools to reflect on your serving experiences. These connections and relationships not only transform your community, but will transform your life as well! 

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The Importance of Reflection  

After a day of serving, Summer Impact Cincinnati participants spend time doing individual, small group, and large group reflections and having conversations about their experiences. This reflection practice is important because it helps us become conscious of the work that God is doing and enables us to recognize the unique ways God has gifted us to partner in that Kingdom work. 


Since Summer Impact Cincinnati is pivoting this year to focus on Serving in Place, the following  resource will  help you reflect on your serving experience as an individual, family, and/or group. Our hope is that these reflection questions will help you grow in your understanding and love of God and neighbor.  Additionally, these questions will help you discern where God is leading you to serve in your community throughout the year. 

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